How do I chmod my CGI/Perl scripts?

In the File Manager:

1) Login to your control panel(
2) Click on the "File Manager" icon
3) Navigate to the directory where the file is located that you want to chmod
4) Click on the file you want to chmod
5) Click on "Change Permissions" in the upper right menu
6) Set the correct permissions and then click the "Change" button

In CuteFTP:

When connected to your site, right click on the file you want to chmod, click 'CHMOD' from the popup menu, set the permissions and then click 'ok'.


When connected to your site, highlight the file, right click the file, select 'CHMOD' from the pop-up menu, select any of the options and click the 'OK' button. 

In SmartFTP:

When connected to your site, left-click on the file or directory to highlight it. Then right-click and a pop-up menu will appear. Now choose "CHMOD" and type in the number manually or use the check boxes.

TIP: For a complete guide on how to use CuteFTP, SmartFTP and WS-FTP visit .
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