How do I scan my email and web site for viruses?


The control panel includes a built-in virus scanner. Which allows you to scan your email accounts for potential viruses, only scan your home or web hosting account's root directory for potential viruses. You may also scan your /public_html/* and all the files and directories associated with the public web space for potential viruses and scan your public FTP space and associated accounts for potential viruses.

Once you have made your selection, click on the Scan Now button and follow the remaining instructions below based on the feature you chose.

Using The Scan Feature

The system will start scanning your Mail files. You will see a status section on the next page stating how many files have and will be scanned by the system. Also shown is the percentage of completion by the scanning software. In addition, the system will tell you which files are being scanned as they are being processed by the scanner.

If any infected files are found during the scan, they will appear in the "Infected Files" section of the page. You will have the option to delete the files that are infected.

If no infected files have been found during the scan, a pop-up will appear stating "Virus Scan Complete. No Virii Found." Click the OK button to be redirected back to the Virus Scanner page.

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