Web Application Firewall

Keep your website safe by blocking hacks and attacks!

What is a Web Application Firewall?

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a security tool that monitors and filters incoming traffic to your website, with the goal of blocking malicious requests and protecting your application from attacks. WAFs work by analyzing HTTP traffic and identifying common attack patterns, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS). HostGo partners with Sucuri Web Application Firewall to provide you with the best possible Firewall security for your site.

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How We Protect Your Website from Hacking

Virtual Patching & Hardening

If a security patch is released, but you can’t update your site, it becomes an easy target for hackers. We constantly update patches and server rules.

Application Profiling

Each site has its CMS, server software, and other technologies in the stack. We analyze all the traffic to block requests that don’t fit your web application’s profile.

Machine Learning

Protect your website from emerging security threats. We correlate attack data across our network to better understand malicious behavior and keep your site secure.

Signature Detection

All HTTP/HTTPS web traffic is inspected before reaching your server. With heuristic and signature-based techniques, we block malicious requests and attack patterns.

Protected Pages

Add another layer of protection to sensitive pages by enabling the Protected Page feature. Add passwords, CAPTCHA, 2FA (via Google Authenticator), or IP allowlisting.

Bad Bot Blocking

When our systems detect a malicious bot or hacker tool trying to attack your site, it is blocked automatically. We protect your site from vulnerability exploitation attempts.

IP Allowlisting

Allowlisted IP addresses ensure that only your team can access website administrative areas. Restrict your admin panels so malicious users don’t gain access.

Geo Blocking

Most website attacks come from only a handful of countries. Block all visitors from the top three attack countries with one click or choose which countries to block.

Features of Our Plan

HostGo partners with Sucuri Firewall in order to increase your website’s availability, speed up load times, and stop bad actors from interfering with your site. You can expect to receive:

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  • Virtual Patching & Hardening
  • Zero-Day Exploits Prevention
  • DDoS Attack Mitigation
  • Block bots
  • Block Access by Country
  • Limit Admin Logins by IP
  • Improved Performance with CDN
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 24/7 Support

Malware and Hack Protection

We protect your website against malicious code and prevent website hacking with our Web Application Firewall (WAF).

  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Preserve your website traffic and rankings
  • Increase your website performance
  • Blocking bad bots and automated attacks

DDoS Attack Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can cause downtime. We block layer 3, 4, and 7 DDoS attacks.

  • Deflect DDoS traffic in the outer layers
  • Secure bandwidth during attacks
  • Stop Volume Based & Protocol Attacks
  • Stop Application Attacks (layer 7)

Zero-Day Exploit Prevention

Hackers discover new vulnerabilities every day. We protect sites and stop suspicious behavior. Mitigating new threats rarely requires a patch.

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Patch Management
  • Input & Data Validation
  • Application Profiling

Brute Force Attack Protection

Automated hacker tools target all sites. We stop brute force attacks and password cracking to prevent site abuse.

  • Prevent Bot attacks
  • Limit logins to a specific IP address or range
  • Add two factor authentication
  • Unique login URLs
or $219.45/year