Secure Your Website with an SSL Certificate Today!

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Announcements

HostGo is excited to introduce SSL Certificates as part of our full spectrum of web hosting services available to you. Did you know that the addition of an SSL Certificate to your website considerably increases customer confidence, improves your Google search ranking and encrypts sensitive data passed through your site? SSL Certificates, for those reasons, have become essential to add to any website domain. You can see whether a website has an SSL Certificate by checking for a lock symbol before the URL.

HostGo’s SSL Certificates provide your website with rock-solid security, with up to 256-bit encryption for data protection and maximum visitor security. HostGo offers 3 main types of SSL Certificates, including domain validation, organization validation and extended validation. All major browsers support these certificates and HostGo provides free installation of SSL Certificates on HostGo servers.

To add an SSL Certificate with a site seal to your website today, click here to view your options and purchase with HostGo.


The HostGo Team